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We are a mens apparel brand that celebrates queer masculinity and that encourages confidence to be who you want to be.

When you party you have to do it with confidence!!

Project Claude wants to be there when you laugh, when you dance, when you play!

With a focus on quality and classic cuts that celebrate the male form, Project Claude will give you all the support you need!

Made to party in, play in, and get naked we are a go-to brand that is synonymous with a good time.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”PAYMENT” tab_id=”1535090872254-b039cea3-ad72″][vc_column_text]We currently accept the following forms of payment:
  • Paypal
  • Visa, Mastercard & American Express through the Stripe Gatway
  • Bitcoin with more altcoins to follow.
[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”SHIPPING AND DELIVERY” tab_id=”1535090738237-ebc436e8-2474″][vc_column_text]Australia Post – Pack and Track: 5-10 days Australia Post – Express: 3-5 days The following countries can use the Pack and Track Express Shipping facility.
China Hong Kong Israel Malaysia Singapore South Korea BelgiumCroatia Denmark Estonia France Germany Hungary IrelandLithuania Malta Netherlands Poland Portugal Slovenia SpainSweden United Kingdom Canada United States New Zealand
 Duty and Tax when your item arrives is your responsibility. Please note that depending on your location Customs and Duty tax may apply to your purchase.This is the responsibility of the Customer and Project Claude takes no responsibility for these costs.If you are not sure what the cost implications of importing goods in to your country are please contact your local  customs or postal agent.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”EXCHANGE AND RETURNS” tab_id=”1535090908444-e0008bde-090e”][vc_column_text]Project Claude may, at their sole discretion, provide a refund on the return of the Products within 14 days where the Product packaging is unopened and remains in a saleable condition. You acknowledge and agree that you are liable for any postage and shipping costs associated with any refund pursuant to this clause.Project Claude’s Products come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure of the Product. You are also entitled to have the Products repaired or replaced if the Products fail to be of acceptable.You may make a claim under this clause (the ‘ Warranty Claim’) for material defects and workmanship in the Products within 6 weeks from the date of purchase (the ‘ Warranty Period’).In order to make a Warranty Claim during the Warranty Period, you must provide proof of purchase to Project Claude showing the date of purchase of the Products, provide a description of the Products and the price paid for the Products by sending written notice to Project Claude at 112A SOMERVILLE ROAD, YARRAVILLE, Victoria, 3013 or by email at service@projectclaude.com.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”TERMS AND CONDITIONS” tab_id=”1558322961092-a6b7c274-bee6″][vc_column_text]WEBSITE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE
  1. About the Website
1.1. Welcome to projectclaude.com (the ‘Website’). The Website provides you withan opportunity to browse and purchase various products that have been listedfor sale through the Website (the ‘Products’). The Website provides thisservice by way of granting you access to the content on the Website (the‘Purchase Services’).1.2. The Website is operated by Project Claude (ABN 82 612 486 396) . Access toand use of the Website, or any of its associated Products or Services, isprovided by Project Claude. Please read these terms and conditions (the‘Terms’) carefully. By using, browsing and/or reading the Website, this signifiesthat you have read, understood and agree to be bound by the Terms. If you donot agree with the Terms, you must cease usage of the Website, or any ofServices, immediately.1.3. Project Claude reserves the right to review and change any of the Terms byupdating this page at its sole discretion. When Project Claude updates theTerms, it will use reasonable endeavours to provide you with notice of updatesto the Terms. Any changes to the Terms take immediate effect from the date oftheir publication. Before you continue, we recommend you keep a copy of theTerms for your records.
  1. Acceptance of the Terms
You accept the Terms by remaining on the Website. You may also accept the Terms byclicking to accept or agree to the Terms where this option is made available to you byProject Claude in the user interface.
  1. Registration to use the Purchase Services
3.1. In order to access the Purchase Services, you must first register as a user ofthe Website. As part of the registration process, or as part of your continueduse of the Purchase Services, you may be required to provide personalinformation about yourself (such as identification or contact details), including:(a) Email address(b) Preferred username(c) Mailing address3.2. You warrant that any information you give to Project Claude in the course ofcompleting the registration process will always be accurate, correct and up todate.3.3. Once you have completed the registration process, you will be a registeredmember of the Website (‘Member’) and agree to be bound by the Terms. As aMember you will be granted immediate access to the Purchase Services.3.4. You may not use the Purchase Services and may not accept the Terms if:(a) you are not of legal age to form a binding contract with Project Claude; or(b) you are a person barred from receiving the Purchase Services under thelaws of Australia or other countries including the country in which you areresident or from which you use the Purchase Services.
  1. Your obligations as a Member
4.1. As a Member, you agree to comply with the following:You will use the Purchase Services only for purposes that are permitted by:(a) the Terms;(b) any applicable law, regulation or generally accepted practices orguidelines in the relevant jurisdictions;(c) you have the sole responsibility for protecting the confidentiality of yourpassword and/or email address. Use of your password by any otherperson may result in the immediate cancellation of the Purchase Services;(d) any use of your registration information by any other person, or thirdparties, is strictly prohibited. You agree to immediately notify ProjectClaude of any unauthorised use of your password or email address or anybreach of security of which you have become aware;(e) access and use of the Website is limited, non-transferable and allows forthe sole use of the Website by you for the purposes of Project Claudeproviding the Purchase Services;(f) you will not use the Purchase Services or Website for any illegal and/orunauthorised use which includes collecting email addresses of Membersby electronic or other means for the purpose of sending unsolicited emailor unauthorised framing of or linking to the Website;(g) you agree that commercial advertisements, affiliate links, and other formsof solicitation may be removed from the Website without notice and mayresult in termination of the Purchase Services. Appropriate legal action willbe taken by Project Claude for any illegal or unauthorised use of theWebsite; and(h) you acknowledge and agree that any automated use of the Website or itsPurchase Services is prohibited.
  1. Purchase of Products and Returns Policy
5.1. In using the Purchase Services to purchase the Product through the Website,you will agree to the payment of the purchase price listed on the Website forthe Product (the ‘Purchase Price’).5.2. Payment of the Purchase Price may be made through STRIPE/PAYPAL (the‘Payment Gateway Provider’)In using the Purchase Services, you warrant that you have familiarised yourselfwith, and agree to be bound by, the applicable Terms and Conditions of Use,Privacy Policy and other relevant legal documentation provided by the PaymentGateway Providers.5.3. Following payment of the Purchase Price being confirmed by Project Claude,you will be issued with a receipt to confirm that the payment has been receivedand Project Claude may record your purchase details for future use.5.4. Project Claude may, at their sole discretion, provide a refund on the return ofthe Products within 14 days where the Product packaging is unopened andremains in a saleable condition. You acknowledge and agree that you are liablefor any postage and shipping costs associated with any refund pursuant to thisclause.
  1. Warranty
6.1. Project Claude’s Products come with guarantees that cannot be excludedunder the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement orrefund for a major failure of the Product. You are also entitled to have theProducts repaired or replaced if the Products fail to be of acceptable qualityand the failure does not amount to a major failure (the ‘Warranty’).6.2. You may make a claim under this clause (the ‘ Warranty Claim’) for materialdefects and workmanship in the Products within 6 weeks from the date ofpurchase (the ‘ Warranty Period’).6.3. In order to make a Warranty Claim during the Warranty Period, you mustprovide proof of purchase to Project Claude showing the date of purchase ofthe Products, provide a description of the Products and the price paid for theProducts by sending written notice to Project Claude at 112A SOMERVILLEROAD, YARRAVILLE, Victoria, 3013 or by email at service@projectclaude.com.6.4. Where the Warranty Claim is accepted then Project Claude will, at its solediscretion, either repair or replace any defective Products or part thereof with anew or remanufactured equivalent during the Warranty Period at no charge toyou for parts or labour. You acknowledge and agree that you will be solelyliable for any postage or shipping costs incurred in facilitating the WarrantyClaim.6.5. The Warranty shall be the sole and exclusive warranty granted by ProjectClaude and shall be the sole and exclusive remedy available to you in additionto other rights and under a law in relation to the Products to which this warrantyrelates.6.6. All implied warranties including the warranties of merchantability and fitness foruse are limited to the Warranty Period.6.7. The Warranty does not apply to any appearance of the supplied Products norto the additional excluded items set forth below nor to any supplied Productswhere the exterior of which has been damaged or defaced, which has beensubjected to misuse, abnormal service or handling, or which has been alteredor modified in design or construction.
  1. Copyright and Intellectual Property
7.1. The Website, the Purchase Services and all of the related products of ProjectClaude are subject to copyright. The material on the Website is protected bycopyright under the laws of Australia and through international treaties. Unlessotherwise indicated, all rights (including copyright) in the site content andcompilation of the website (including text, graphics, logos, button icons, videoimages, audio clips and software) (the ‘Content’) are owned or controlled forthese purposes, and are reserved by Project Claude or its contributors.7.2. Project Claude retains all rights, title and interest in and to the Website and allrelated content. Nothing you do on or in relation to the Website will transfer toyou:(a) the business name, trading name, domain name, trade mark, industrialdesign, patent, registered design or copyright of Project Claude; or(b) the right to use or exploit a business name, trading name, domain name,trade mark or industrial design; or(c) a system or process that is the subject of a patent, registered design orcopyright (or an adaptation or modification of such a system or process).7.3. You may not, without the prior written permission of Project Claude and thepermission of any other relevant rights owners: broadcast, republish, up-load toa third party, transmit, post, distribute, show or play in public, adapt or changein any way the Content or third party content for any purpose. This prohibitiondoes not extend to materials on the Website, which are freely available for reuseor are in the public domain.
  1. Privacy
Project Claude takes your privacy seriously and any information provided through youruse of the Application and/or the Purchase Services are subject to Project Claude’sPrivacy Policy, which is available on the Application.
  1. General Disclaimer
9.1. You acknowledge that Project Claude does not make any terms, guarantees,warranties, representations or conditions whatsoever regarding the Productsother than provided for pursuant to these Terms.9.2. Project Claude will make every effort to ensure a Product is accurately depictedon the Website, however, you acknowledge that sizes, colours and packagingmay differ from what is displayed on the Website.9.3. Nothing in these Terms limits or excludes any guarantees, warranties,representations or conditions implied or imposed by law, including theAustralian Consumer Law (or any liability under them) which by law may not belimited or excluded.9.4. Subject to this clause, and to the extent permitted by law:(a) all terms, guarantees, warranties, representations or conditions which arenot expressly stated in these Terms are excluded; and(b) Project Claude will not be liable for any special, indirect or consequentialloss or damage (unless such loss or damage is reasonably foreseeableresulting from our failure to meet an applicable Consumer Guarantee),loss of profit or opportunity, or damage to goodwill arising out of or inconnection with the Purchase Services or these Terms (including as aresult of not being able to use the Purchase Services or the late supply ofthe Purchase Services), whether at common law, under contract, tort(including negligence), in equity, pursuant to statute or otherwise.9.5. Use of the Website, the Purchase Services, and any of the products of ProjectClaude is at your own risk. Everything on the Website, the Purchase Services,and the Products of Project Claude, are provided to you on an “as is” and “asavailable” basis, without warranty or condition of any kind. None of theaffiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents, contributors, third partycontent providers or licensors of Project Claude make any express or impliedrepresentation or warranty about its Content or any products or PurchaseServices (including the products or Purchase Services of Project Claude)referred to on the Website. This includes (but is not restricted to) loss ordamage you might suffer as a result of any of the following:(a) failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect,failure to correct defects, delay in operation or transmission, computervirus or other harmful component, loss of data, communication line failure,unlawful third party conduct, or theft, destruction, alteration orunauthorised access to records;(b) the accuracy, suitability or currency of any information on the Website, thePurchase Service, or any of its Content related products (including thirdparty material and advertisements on the Website);(c) costs incurred as a result of you using the Website, the Purchase Servicesor any of the Products;(d) the Content or operation in respect to links which are provided for theUser’s convenience;(e) any failure to complete a transaction, or any loss arising from e-commercetransacted on the Website; or(f) any defamatory, threatening, offensive or unlawful conduct of third partiesor publication of any materials relating to or constituting such conduct.
  1. Limitation of Liability
10.1. Project Claude’s total liability arising out of or in connection with the PurchaseServices or these Terms, however arising, including under contract, tort(including negligence), in equity, under statute or otherwise, will not exceed themost recent Purchase Price paid by you under these Terms or where you havenot paid the Purchase Price, then the total liability of Project Claude is theresupply of information or Purchase Services to you.10.2. You expressly understand and agree that Project Claude, its affiliates,employees, agents, contributors, third party content providers and licensorsshall not be liable to you for any direct, indirect, incidental, specialconsequential or exemplary damages which may be incurred by you, howevercaused and under any theory of liability. This shall include, but is not limited to,any loss of profit (whether incurred directly or indirectly), any loss of goodwill orbusiness reputation and any other intangible loss.10.3. Project Claude is not responsible or liable in any manner for any site content(including the Content and Third Party Content) posted on the Website or inconnection with the Purchase Services, whether posted or caused by users ofthe website of Project Claude, by third parties or by any of the PurchaseServices offered by Project Claude.
  1. Termination of Contract
11.1. The Terms will continue to apply until terminated by either you or by ProjectClaude as set out below.11.2. If you want to terminate the Terms, you may do so by:Your notice should be sent, in writing, to Project Claude via the ‘Contact Us’ linkon our homepage.(a) notifying Project Claude at any time; and(b) closing your accounts for all of the Purchase Services which you use,where Project Claude has made this option available to you.11.3. Project Claude may at any time, terminate the Terms with you if:(a) you have breached any provision of the Terms or intend to breach anyprovision;(b) Project Claude is required to do so by law;(c) the partner with whom Project Claude offered the Purchase Services toyou has terminated its relationship with Project Claude or ceased to offerthe Purchase Services to you;(d) Project Claude is transitioning to no longer providing the PurchaseServices to Users in the country in which you are resident or from whichyou use the service; or(e) the provision of the Purchase Services to you by Project Claude is, in theopinion of Project Claude, no longer commercially viable.11.4. Subject to local applicable laws, Project Claude reserves the right todiscontinue or cancel your membership to the Website at any time and maysuspend or deny, in its sole discretion, your access to all or any portion of theWebsite or the Purchase Services without notice if you breach any provision ofthe Terms or any applicable law or if your conduct impacts Project Claude’sname or reputation or violates the rights of those of another party.11.5. When the Terms come to an end, all of the legal rights, obligations andliabilities that you and Project Claude have benefited from, been subject to (orwhich have accrued over time whilst the Terms have been in force) or whichare expressed to continue indefinitely, shall be unaffected by this cessation,and the provisions of this clause shall continue to apply to such rights,obligations and liabilities indefinitely.
  1. Indemnity
12.1. You agree to indemnify Project Claude, its affiliates, employees, agents,contributors, third party content providers and licensors from and against:(a) all actions, suits, claims, demands, liabilities, costs, expenses, loss anddamage (including legal fees on a full indemnity basis) incurred, sufferedor arising out of or in connection with any Content you post through theWebsite;(b) any direct or indirect consequences of you accessing, using or transactingon the Website or attempts to do so and any breach by you or your agentsof these Terms; and/or(c) any breach of the Terms.
  1. Dispute Resolution
13.1. Compulsory:If a dispute arises out of or relates to the Terms, either party may notcommence any Tribunal or Court proceedings in relation to the dispute, unlessthe following clauses have been complied with (except where urgentinterlocutory relief is sought).13.2. Notice:A party to the Terms claiming a dispute (‘Dispute’) has arisen under theTerms, must give written notice to the other party detailing the nature of thedispute, the desired outcome and the action required to settle the Dispute.13.3. Resolution:On receipt of that notice (‘Notice’) by that other party, the parties to the Terms(‘Parties’) must:(a) Within 14 days of the Notice endeavour in good faith to resolve theDispute expeditiously by negotiation or such other means upon which theymay mutually agree;(b) If for any reason whatsoever, 14 days after the date of the Notice, theDispute has not been resolved, the Parties must either agree uponselection of a mediator or request that an appropriate mediator beappointed by the President of the Australian Mediation Association or hisor her nominee;(c) The Parties are equally liable for the fees and reasonable expenses of amediator and the cost of the venue of the mediation and without limitingthe foregoing undertake to pay any amounts requested by the mediator asa pre-condition to the mediation commencing. The Parties must each paytheir own costs associated with the mediation;(d) The mediation will be held in Melbourne, Australia.13.4. ConfidentialAll communications concerning negotiations made by the Parties arising out ofand in connection with this dispute resolution clause are confidential and to theextent possible, must be treated as “without prejudice” negotiations for thepurpose of applicable laws of evidence.13.5. Termination of Mediation:If 2 weeks have elapsed after the start of a mediation of the Dispute and theDispute has not been resolved, either Party may ask the mediator to terminatethe mediation and the mediator must do so.
  1. Venue and Jurisdiction
The Purchase Services offered by Project Claude is intended to be viewed by residentsof Australia. In the event of any dispute arising out of or in relation to the Website, youagree that the exclusive venue for resolving any dispute shall be in the courts of Victoria,Australia.
  1. Governing Law
The Terms are governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia. Any dispute, controversy,proceeding or claim of whatever nature arising out of or in any way relating to the Termsand the rights created hereby shall be governed, interpreted and construed by, underand pursuant to the laws of Victoria, Australia, without reference to conflict of lawprinciples, notwithstanding mandatory rules. The validity of this governing law clause isnot contested. The Terms shall be binding to the benefit of the parties hereto and theirsuccessors and assigns.
  1. Independent Legal Advice
Both parties confirm and declare that the provisions of the Terms are fair andreasonable and both parties having taken the opportunity to obtain independent legaladvice and declare the Terms are not against public policy on the grounds of inequalityor bargaining power or general grounds of restraint of trade.
  1. Severance
If any part of these Terms is found to be void or unenforceable by a Court of competentjurisdiction, that part shall be severed and the rest of the Terms shall remain in force.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”PRIVACY POLICY” tab_id=”1558610302314-43b7c526-1d62″][vc_column_text]PRIVACY POLICYProject Claude1. We respect your privacy 1.1. Project Claude respects your right to privacy and is committed to safeguarding the privacy of our customers and website visitors. We adhere to the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). This policy sets out how we collect and treat your personal information. 1.2. “Personal information” is information we hold which is identifiable as being about you. 2. Collection of personal information 2.1. Project Claude will, from time to time, receive and store personal information you enter onto our website, provided to us directly or given to us in other forms. 2.2. You may provide basic information such as your name, phone number, address and email address to enable us to send information, provide updates and process your product or service order. We may collect additional information at other times, including but not limited to, when you provide feedback, when you provide information about your personal or business affairs, change your content or email preference, respond to surveys and/or promotions, provide financial or credit card information, or communicate with our customer support. 2.3. Additionally, we may also collect any other information you provide while interacting with us. 3. How we collect your personal information 3.1. Project Claude collects personal information from you in a variety of ways, including when you interact with us electronically or in person, when you access our website and when we provide our services to you. We may receive personal information from third parties. If we do, we will protect it as set out in this Privacy Policy. 4. Use of your personal information 4.1. Project Claude may use personal information collected from you to provide you with information, updates and our services. We may also make you aware of new and additional products, services and opportunities available to you. We may use your personal information to improve our products and services and better understand your needs. 4.2. Project Claude may contact you by a variety of measures including, but not limited to telephone, email, sms or mail. 5. Disclosure of your personal information 5.1. We may disclose your personal information to any of our employees, officers, insurers, professional advisers, agents, suppliers or subcontractors insofar asreasonably necessary for the purposes set out in this Policy. Personal information is only supplied to a third party when it is required for the delivery of our services. 5.2. We may from time to time need to disclose personal information to comply with a legal requirement, such as a law, regulation, court order, subpoena, warrant, in the course of a legal proceeding or in response to a law enforcement agency request. 5.3. We may also use your personal information to protect the copyright, trademarks, legal rights, property or safety of Project Claude, www.projectclaude.com, its customers or third parties. 5.4. Information that we collect may from time to time be stored, processed in or transferred between parties located in countries outside of Australia. 5.5. If there is a change of control in our business or a sale or transfer of business assets, we reserve the right to transfer to the extent permissible at law our user databases, together with any personal information and non-personal information contained in those databases. This information may be disclosed to a potential purchaser under an agreement to maintain confidentiality. We would seek to only disclose information in good faith and where required by any of the above circumstances. 5.6. By providing us with personal information, you consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy and the types of disclosure covered by this Policy. Where we disclose your personal information to third parties, we will request that the third party follow this Policy regarding handling your personal information. 6. Security of your personal information 6.1. Project Claude is committed to ensuring that the information you provide to us is secure. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure information and protect it from misuse, interference, loss and unauthorised access, modification and disclosure. 6.2. The transmission and exchange of information is carried out at your own risk. We cannot guarantee the security of any information that you transmit to us, or receive from us. Although we take measures to safeguard against unauthorised disclosures of information, we cannot assure you that personal information that we collect will not be disclosed in a manner that is inconsistent with this Privacy Policy. 7. Access to your personal information 7.1. You may request details of personal information that we hold about you in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). A small administrative fee may be payable for the provision of information. If you would like a copy of the information, which we hold about you or believe that any information we hold on you is inaccurate, out of date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading, please email us at service@projectclaude.com. 7.2. We reserve the right to refuse to provide you with information that we hold aboutyou, in certain circumstances set out in the Privacy Act.8. Complaints about privacy 8.1. If you have any complaints about our privacy practices, please feel free to send in details of your complaints to 112a Sommerville Road Yarraville, Melbourne, Victoria, 3013. We take complaints very seriously and will respond shortly after receiving written notice of your complaint. 9. Changes to Privacy Policy 9.1. Please be aware that we may change this Privacy Policy in the future. We may modify this Policy at any time, in our sole discretion and all modifications will be effective immediately upon our posting of the modifications on our website or notice board. Please check back from time to time to review our Privacy Policy. 10. Website 10.1. When you visit our website When you come to our website (www.projectclaude.com) we may collect certain information such as browser type, operating system, website visited immediately before coming to our site, etc. This information is used in an aggregated manner to analyse how people use our site, such that we can improve our service. 10.2. Cookies We may from time to time use cookies on our website. Cookies are very small files which a website uses to identify you when you come back to the site and to store details about your use of the site. Cookies are not malicious programs that access or damage your computer. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies but you can choose to reject cookies by changing your browser settings. However, this may prevent you from taking full advantage of our website. Our website may from time to time use cookies to analyses website traffic and help us provide a better website visitor experience. In addition, cookies may be used to serve relevant ads to website visitors through third party services such as Google Adwords. These ads may appear on this website or other websites you visit. 10.3. Third party sites Our site may from time to time have links to other websites not owned or controlled by us. These links are meant for your convenience only. Links to third party websites do not constitute sponsorship or endorsement or approval of these websites. Please be aware that Project Claude is not responsible for the privacy practises of other such websites. We encourage our users to be aware, when they leave our website, to read the privacy statements of each and every website that collects personal identifiable information.22nd May 2019[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][/vc_tta_accordion][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″]