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The harness: A brief history

Boomer Banks. Tim Kruger. Timothee Chalamet. Terry Crews. What do all of these men have in common?  You’ve probably seen them in a harness at some point.  Although the red carpet versions aren’t overly sexualised, the garment has deep roots in gay men’s bondage-wear. The harness has many variations, and we’ll be focusing on the […]

Product Feature:
Wingman Harness

Made for Play – Our hybrid utility harness has premium elastic underarm straps and an adjustable chest strap making it the perfect one size fits all harness. This harness comes equiped with our trademark Wingman Pouch – A removable and compact essential that will turn your harness into a feature packed swiss army knife that’s perfect for any party, festival or dirty night out. Designed to hold all your essentials and keep you mobile. No need for pockets, so no need for pants.