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Cruising 2020
Gay men + casual anonymous sex.

Sex in the sand dunes. A park bench blowjob at 11 PM. Undressing someone in a locker room.That guy that pulled up next to me at a traffic light on his bike. Project Claude has been swapping some stories about our best cruising experiences, so we thought now is the perfect time to chat about the age […]


As the queer community leans in to PRIDE Month, the strengthening global #BlackLivesMatter protests remind us of why we have our rights today. Pride is a time of coming together and reflection, so how can we celebrate, when so much of our community is hurting? Pride’s timing with these global protests are an opportunity for […]

The harness: A brief history

Boomer Banks. Tim Kruger. Timothee Chalamet. Terry Crews. What do all of these men have in common?  You’ve probably seen them in a harness at some point.  Although the red carpet versions aren’t overly sexualised, the garment has deep roots in gay men’s bondage-wear. The harness has many variations, and we’ll be focusing on the […]

“Watch your f*cking mouth” – Reclaiming ‘hate speech’.

‘Hate speech’ is tricky, so please note: *trigger warning* The reclamation of hate speech is difficult to discuss without diving straight in to the obvious negatives. The only person you’d want calling you a “dirty little f*ggot” is whoever’s slamming you from behind (of course, only if you’re into it). I’ve heard “you like that […]

“You up sexy?” – Dating Profile Etiquette

Whichever dating app(s) you’re using, there is an art to presenting yourself in an authentic, alluring, and f*ckable manner. You can only send someone so many hole pics before thinking about changing it up.  Some apps are favourable to hook-ups and just need your quickest, hottest, and most recent pics, and others focus on forming […]