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Cruising 2020
Gay men + casual anonymous sex.

Sex in the sand dunes. A park bench blowjob at 11 PM. Undressing someone in a locker room.That guy that pulled up next to me at a traffic light on his bike. Project Claude has been swapping some stories about our best cruising experiences, so we thought now is the perfect time to chat about the age […]

Queer Culture Makers pt. 1

Project Claude was lucky enough to talk with the very talented HOMORIOT. He is our first feature in our ‘Queer Culture Maker’ series, which gives an in-depth look at queer contemporary artists from all walks of life. We chatted about his artwork, life in the US at the moment, and all things homo. Tell me […]


As the queer community leans in to PRIDE Month, the strengthening global #BlackLivesMatter protests remind us of why we have our rights today. Pride is a time of coming together and reflection, so how can we celebrate, when so much of our community is hurting? Pride’s timing with these global protests are an opportunity for […]

Pride 2020:
The year of ‘Digital Pride’

Pride Month for 2020 will be unlike any other. Only one year after Stonewall’s 50th anniversary, similar scenes are appearing all over America and the world today. It’s important to remember why we celebrate Pride as part of the queer community today, and why social unrest still exists. Pride will have to adapt to how […]

Meet The Boy: Ange

What is the most shameful song on your : It’s probably got to be Wannabe by Spice Girls. What are you binge watching atm: Just finished watching Hollywood.  Such a great series and there’s some hot guys on there! What do you think is the most attractive part about youself: I really like my back, […]

The harness: A brief history

Boomer Banks. Tim Kruger. Timothee Chalamet. Terry Crews. What do all of these men have in common?  You’ve probably seen them in a harness at some point.  Although the red carpet versions aren’t overly sexualised, the garment has deep roots in gay men’s bondage-wear. The harness has many variations, and we’ll be focusing on the […]

“Watch your f*cking mouth” – Reclaiming ‘hate speech’.

‘Hate speech’ is tricky, so please note: *trigger warning* The reclamation of hate speech is difficult to discuss without diving straight in to the obvious negatives. The only person you’d want calling you a “dirty little f*ggot” is whoever’s slamming you from behind (of course, only if you’re into it). I’ve heard “you like that […]

“You up sexy?” – Dating Profile Etiquette

Whichever dating app(s) you’re using, there is an art to presenting yourself in an authentic, alluring, and f*ckable manner. You can only send someone so many hole pics before thinking about changing it up.  Some apps are favourable to hook-ups and just need your quickest, hottest, and most recent pics, and others focus on forming […]

I-so horny: How to stay sexy in self-isolation

The last time I had sex was 7 weeks ago, and I don’t know with certainty when it will be happening again. Maybe you can relate? Your beard is getting out of hand, while your d*ck spends most of the time in your hand. If you’re single like me, isolation is probably leaving you sexually […]